How To Pick A Coffee Machines for Small Business In Cambodia


Apparently, cafe culture in every country keeps growing dramatically. Likewise, Cambodia’s cafe industry has grown rapidly throughout the years as well. According to, in 2018 itself, there were more than 300 coffee shops in Cambodia and the production of coffee beans then was 381 tons per year. So, just imagine what it’s like now, in 2020. Thus, entering the cafe realm must be done perfectly in order to survive in this industry and that’s through finding the best coffee machines. Don’t you know how essential it is, to get the perfect coffee machines for small business, especially in Cambodia?

Now that you’ve gotten a bit of an overview of the coffee market here in Cambodia, before introducing you to the best coffee machines, you should first figure out what kind of coffee shop, you are planning on starting up as. There are 2 types of coffee shop listed below, and along with it comes the perfect coffee machines for them. The 2 type of businesses are as follow:

How To Pick A Coffee Machines for Small Business In Cambodia

Coffee shop as a Secondary business

Secondary business

The term “Secondary”, here means a business controlled by another business (or primary business). On that note, a coffee shop as a secondary business in this context would mean differently in Cambodia. For example, if you have a primary business of running a local breakfast restaurant selling noodles, pork and chicken rice, and you wanted to expand a bit of your menu items. Therefore, you decided to add in coffee drinks and with that you got a small coffee stall for your restaurant as a side business. Thus, the customer would be able to come for the regular breakfast menu and then have coffee afterwards. Or, just to get coffee. Hence, the coffee shop or stall is the secondary business to your restaurant.

If a coffee shop as a secondary business was the route to enter into the cafe industry for you, then the coffee machine brand preferred for this business is “Nouva Simonelli: Music Lux Professional Pack”. This particular machine has two group heads with heat exchangers to ensure coffee is brewed at constant temperature and a steam wand with great pressure. Also, a cup warmer on top, programmable buttons that is back lit, side LED lights and a 58mm durable portafilter. Moreover, since it’s made with stainless steel it will last you way longer than imaginable. Not to mention, wiping it and cleaning it won’t be a problem at all.

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Coffee shop as Main business

Coffee shop as Main business


Moving us over to the second type, which is coffee shop as the Main business. The total opposite from the above, therefore meaning that this coffee shop stands alone, by itself. Hence, if you’re new to the business world and you truly wish to be the owner of just a coffee shop, then that coffee shop would be your main business. Making this coffee shop the main source of income for you.

Here’s the deal, don’t worry about losing money or not making enough profit, if there aren’t that many customers. We’re here to help make sure that profit will come flowing in and that’s by picking the right coffee machines, at the start-up of the shop.

The coffee machine brand preferred for this business is firstly, Nuova Simonelli Appia Life XT”. This specific coffee machine is an Italian product with two group heads, that has a 15 bar professional pressure and a removable steel drip tray. Moreover, it has a steam wand or frother, a removable tank and the greatest feature of all 3-in-1 filter holders.

The second and last one you should be getting for this business is “Iberital IB7 Compact”. A bit more than the last one, this machine has 4 group heads, which means it makes 4 cups of coffee at once. Is stainless steel constructed with programmable brewing buttons, a water spout, a milk frother or a steam wand, a spacious cup warmer on top and detachable dripping tray for cleansing purposes. Above all, the mentioned are two splendid machines.

Towards the end, now you fully understand what the cafe industry is like. How it has grown rapidly in Cambodia, as well as countries around the world. What types of business should you enter, either a coffee shop as secondary or main business and what coffee machines are pretty much necessary for you to successfully start your coffee shop. At least, the main take away from this is, what coffee machines that’s actually best for your small start-up coffee shop.

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