Coffee Machine Imported by GBS

Coffee Machine Imported by GBS

Much like most individuals, you must also wander loads as to which coffee machine shall be chosen for your upcoming cafe. Diving into the world of cafe and coffee making isn’t that simple. There are several needs to be met, in order for your coffee shop to be a hit. But, hands down the most important one, would be the taste of your coffee itself. Hence, having the best available coffee machine, is crucial.

However, there are also 2 different types of coffee machine (manual and automatic). As for manual coffee machine, you’ll need a grinder for your coffee beans, then you have to tamp it down and into the espresso boiler it goes. On the other hand, for automatic ones all you have to do is press one or two buttons and your coffee will be dispense. Not to worry, GBS is here to provide you with the best coffee machine you’ll require.

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Despite the varieties of coffee mechanisms available on the market nowadays, you probably wouldn’t know which is right to select from. But here are some of the best types of coffee machines imported by GBS:

1. Victoria Arduino (Black Eagle T3)

Victoria Arduino (Black Eagle T3)The Black Eagle T3 is an espresso machine that is said to bring real coffee experiences into the cup itself. For those who’ve truly dedicated their lives to research and study coffee. Plus, this coffee machine has been the official espresso machine of the World Barista Championship, since 2015. They provide precision, performance and controls for baristas all over the world, a true specialty coffee machine. It’s beautiful, intelligent and professionally made with reliable technology as well. On top of that, there is total control of extraction, temperature stability, push-&-pull lever and cool touch steam wand.

The Black Eagle T3 is also equipped with:


T3 TechnologyT3 technology was discovered, through severe amounts of studies, experimenting and researching, plus the helping hands of several baristas. Now with T3, baristas could set 3 temperatures for brewing, water infusion and steam. Since, water is extremely important in making coffee, obviously.


TFT DISPLAYThe TFT display allows baristas to have a full overlook of the on-going operation in the machine. In which, they could manage each group (temperature of steam, groups of boilers and coffee) with the rotary switch.

Specs and Feature:

  • Voltage (208 – 240 V)
  • Power (7300 W)
  • Steam Wands – 2
  • Hot water wands – 1
  • Weight (275lbs)
  • Height: 20 inches
  • Width: 43 inches
  • Depth: 28 inches

2. Nuova Simonelli (Aurelia Wave Digit)

Nuova Simonelli (Aurelia Wave Digit)Aurelia Wave Digit is an espresso machine which is ideal for reliability and unprecedented performances. Suitable for professional baristas, highly qualified coffee shops and specialty coffee shops. Wave is a new type of coffee machine and the meaning hidden behind it is, Wave has to do with water. Thus, what is most important in an espresso/coffee machine, yes its water. Therefore, Aurelia Wave Digit focuses on water parameters mostly. Hence, it’s able to detect and warn the operator about changes in the quality of the making as well. Plus, this coffee machine is imbedded with several other smart techs as follow:


SMART WATER TECHNOLOGY - GBS imported coffee machineDetects and warn the operators about the water parameter, unlike any other coffee machine.


One of their true mission, is respecting and improving the world we live in. So, this is designed to improve environmental impacts and to save energy consumption.


This tech will allow full optimization of water pressure and flow rate when dispensing. Thus, provides enhancement to your coffee or personalization of coffee by allowing you to discover new extraction profiles.


Increases speed of service and productivity by reducing/simplifying routine operations for baristas. Protects their well-being as well. Hygiene and cleanliness improvements too.


Full control of the coffee machine only a fingertip away. With remote control interface, that manages steps of extracting, preparing, dispensing and cleaning.


Volumetric Dosing, Manual Dosing, LCD Display, Surface LEDs, Auto Purge, Raised Group Heads, Push-Pull Steam, Automated Cleanings, Cool Touch Wands, Soft Infusion System, Reverse Mirror, Power Saving Options, Water Level Indicator & Bar Pump Gauge.


  • Machine Length (32’’- 41’’)
  • Machine Width (24’’)
  • Machine Height (22’’)
  • Volts: 220 V
  • Watts (4700 – 5400 W)
  • Boiler Size (14 – 17 It)
  • Power Input: Nema 6-20 T
  • Water Connection Required
  • Drain Required
  • Auto-Steam Capable

3. Iberital (Expression Pro)

Iberital (Expression Pro)- GBS imported coffee machineIberital, Expression Pro is a coffee machine designed with an attitude. Since, the focal point of a coffee shop as one enter is actually the coffee machine. Expression Pro, is made to ensure that it leaves a great impression on your customers. In an attractive and unforgettable manner. Moreover, it’s constructed to meet demanding environments, in both terms of brewing quality and workload capacity. How, you ask, by the following technology it possesses:


Iberital (Expression Pro) - GBS imported coffee machineManage and control all functioning parameters during operations with just a touch on the displayed screen.


The ability to customize a whole wide range of programs and functions, thanks to the elegant and minimalist lines.


Equipped with precision tool for dealing with rare blends of coffee and extracting the best out of it.


Automatic dose control, Backlit LED lights on the front panel, TFT color screen, Dual Boiler System Separate, Saturated Groups Ensure unsurpassed thermal stability, Electronically control brewing temperature (±0.5°C), Built-in volumetric pump, Boiler pressure gauge & Automatic water level control.


  • Dimensions: 845mm (Length) x 602mm (Depth) x 455mm (Height)
  • Boiler Power: 4000 Watts
  • Coffee Boiler: 3 L
  • Steam Boiler: 8.4 L
  • Weight: 64 Kg

**If you have problems with your coffee machine, Contact GBS for maintaining service

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To wrap things up, now you know how important coffee machines are for you to leap forward gracefully in the cafe realm. In addition, you now have the knowledge of the best types of coffee machine the world has to offer, as well. Therefore, you could wisely and effectively open up that coffee shop of ours, with the best operating coffee machine, that is guaranteed to drive in sales and spice up your income.

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