How To Create Your Own Specialized Drink?

How To Create Your Own Specialized Drink?

The mass increase of coffee drinkers around the world is due to many coffee shop having specialized drinks now. Yes, it’s true that the coffee industry is on the raise year after year. But, to succeed as a coffee shop, isn’t that easy of a task. People tend to go to larger and more well-known coffee shops, because they have their preferred coffee taste there. Also, people like to stick to a routine. Therefore, if you’re planning to open up a coffee shop, the question to ask yourself is “What can make my coffee shop stand out from competitors, besides decoration”? A simple answer is specialized drink.

A more specific answer would be informed as the followings. Moreover, it would also contain information as to why specialized drink is a crucial menu item for a coffee shop and how to create such a flawless/perfect signature drink.

What are the benefits of having a good signature drink?

Uniqueness & Gain Popularity

unique drink

Honestly everyone loves to spice things up a little, we are only humans and therefore we tend to want to give new things a try. Hence, as coffee shop owners, you shall use this weakness to your full advantage. By just coming up with a uniquely looking plus tasting drink (different from competitors), you’ll see your customers would love to give it a try. So, uniqueness definitely plays a major role. Thanks to uniqueness of that specialized drink, your cafe will gain popularity, more than before.

Drive more Sales

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As popularity raises, the sales is bound to be driven up there as well. The more people know about this specialized/unique drink on your menu item, the more they want to come for a new experience and then your sales would absolutely increase.

Have a viral success

coffee going viral

Making it taste good is likely most important, but you can’t be flail on the demeanor that specialized drink is supposed to have. People eat with their eyes first then their mouth. Besides, if your drink looks pretty or have a unique twist to it, thanks to social media, it would be so easy for one to just take a snap of it, post it and it will spread virtually. Thus, it would not only become a viral success but it’s free advertising.

  • Guide to create a perfect signature drink:
  • Guest’s spirit and preference – Figuring out what your guests/customers preferences, is key. Efficient and effective ways to do so is by, either through a survey, you asking them yourselves or just by checking the sales and see which particular taste most people normally go for.
  • Add seasonal ingredients and try to mix ingredients – Make sure you’re not just stuck to one specialized drink. Spice things up, by using seasonal ingredients/fruits and then those unique drinks would only be in specific seasons. Thus, try to mix ingredients and make more seasonal drinks.
  • Memorable Name & Look – Be creative with the design and the aesthetic of your perfect signature drink. Give it a memorable name and look, so people will never forget it. Hence, customers will tend to order it more in comparison to other drinks with incredible long names.
  • Get Inspiration from places, stores or other documentaries – As you travel, visit places and other cafes or even, as you read or watch documentaries, it would probably inspire you. You could get many more ideas and more creative approaches to how to perfectly concoct your signature drink deliciously/uniquely. Therefore, look around and let the flow of creativity move through you, let places, movies or dramas inspire you and your coffee shop too shall benefit.

** If you don’t have the courage or don’t know where to start, you can go register for a class at B-HUB Barista Training Center.

As a recap, specialized drink is the key differentiator between you and your competitors. Make sure you know what your customer’s preferences are, give your specialized drinks unforgettable appeal and names, use seasonal ingredients and get inspiration from anywhere or anything possible. After that, watch your popularity go viral and sales go up rapidly.

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