Our barista course is designed to introduce the student to the exciting world of being a professional barista. A wonderful coffee journey starts here!

Preparing an excellent coffee may not be as easy as it looks, that is why our barista course will start you on this journey by developing your knowledge on how the coffee is grown, harvested, processed, roasted, and last but not least, extracted. We will go into details and discuss the relationship between elements that could potentially affect the result in the cup. It may sound complicated, but don’t worry! Once we cover the theory, it’s time to get your hands on the machine and begin learning practical techniques such as grind calibrations and espresso extraction. This course focuses on understanding different areas that require attention in order to refine and perfect your espresso. If you can develop sight, sense of smell, and taste for flaws in the extraction, you will know how to perfect your cup. On the other hand, you would be able to manage the cost of running a coffee shop. Our trainer will share with you the important skills and knowledge needed to become a professional barista.

Course outline

  • An overview from bean to cup (growing, processing, roasting and barista)
  • Specialty coffee
  • Coffee bean (History, plantation belt, Family tree and Cherry Anatomy)
  • Roasting profile
  • Coffee processing methods
  • Barista skill
    • Definition of espresso
    • Brewing strength
    • Extraction
    • Brewing ratio
    • Tamping & channeling
  • Espresso machine
  • Grinder
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Beverage costing
  • Customer service
  • Hygiene & maintenance

Upon completion of the 3 days’ course, students shall be able to:

  • Understand specialty coffee
  • Learn about history of coffee and its expansion from past to present
  • Get to know coffee growing regions & botany
  • Be able to differentiate between Arabica vs. Robusta growing altitude and taste
  • Understand roasting effects and taste
  • Prepare the right espresso extraction
  • Explain types of espresso machine
  • Understand brewing methods and creating espresso formula
  • Understand grinding & tamping
  • Understand water substances which affect to coffee flavor
  • Be able to choose the right milk
  • Understand hygiene & maintenance for daily practice in a coffee shop
  • Learn menu creation
  • Learn financial management


For: Working baristas looking to deepen their competency

This course is designed to test the core skills and understanding that are expected from an experienced barista. We recommend that student have some previous/current experience working as a barista in the field or completed Barista Basic Course before attempting this level.

Course outline

  • Barista Skill
    • Definition of espresso
    • Brewing strength
    • Extraction
    • Brewing ratio
    • Tamping & channeling
  • Espresso machine
  • Grinder
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Drink costing
  • Customer service
  • Hygiene & maintenance

Upon completion of the 2 day course, students shall able to:

  • Explain about coffee processing that will affect coffee flavor
  • Know the right espresso extraction
  • Understand the espresso taste through different brewing ratios
  • Distinguish the different systems of espresso machine
  • Differentiate the burr type of coffee grinder
  • Understand the importance of water in coffee brewing
  • Select the right milk
  • Demonstrate some basic latte art
  • Perform machine maintenance

This course includes an intense practice session to make you feel like a professional barista and tips and tricks to improve your coffee. By the end of the session, you should be very confident to make a good cup of coffee out of any coffee bean you may handle.

IMPORTANT: Student has not previously completed Barista Basic Course will need to demonstrate knowledge of espresso-making to standard to enroll for this Intermediate course.


We start the course with a brief background of where coffee comes from and the differences in roasting and quality, therefore we can develop a good palette to taste. We then move on to grinding and tamping on our professional espresso machines to get you comfortable with extracting espresso. We also cover milk texturing so that you can finish this basic course with confidence in preparing a good cappuccino/latte.

Course outline

  • Coffee Bean (Arabica vs Robusta, Farming, Plantation)
  • Harvesting
  • Processing
  • Roasting profile
  • Barista skill (Dosing, Grinding, Milk Frothing and Free Pour)
  • Espresso machine
  • Drink menu

Upon completion of the 1-day course,
students shall

  • Demonstrate the fundamental skill of being a barista
  • Know how to operate a coffee machine
  • Understand how to adjust grind setting
  • Understand espresso recipe
  • Understand how to correctly froth silky milk to make a perfect milk beverage
  • Learn how to do free pour cafe latte and cappuccino
  • Clean and maintain the coffee machine

This course includes a practical session that you can make as many coffee as you like. By the end of the session, you should be very confident to froth perfect silky milk and make all the classic coffee on the menu.


Latte art class is designed for experienced barista and shop owner who wish to improve their ability to serve a good coffee in term of balanced taste, texture, and most importantly, the look & feel of their coffee. Studies suggest that customers are willing to pay more for a better-looking coffee. B-Hub will inspire the student through our skillful trainer, fully equipped training room and fresh milk. All we need is your presence!

Course outline

  • Relationship between crema and roasted coffee
  • Espresso factors
  • Choosing the right milk
  • Pouring techniques and tips
  • The right temperature
  • Popular look and shape (Heart, Rosetta and Tulip)

Upon completion of this course, students shall be able to:

  • Learn to extract a good espresso
  • Understand techniques and tips for milk frothing
  • Have a good foundation of free pour
  • Demonstrate classic latte art
  • Differentiate between café latte & cappuccino
  • Pour for Heart shape
  • Pour for Rosetta
  • Pour for Tulip

***Note: to study this course, student must have a basic skill of coffee extraction.

Upon completion of this course, B-Hub will provide a certificate to confirm the training.


Our Beverage course had been designed to introduce our student to create their drink with a good taste and nice decoration. A wonderful journey starts here! It is not simply to do the same drink and recipe. That’s why our beverage course will be given opportunity to practice and tasting with their new drink recipe. After completing this course, student will be presented a certificate in 1 month.

Course outline

  • Definition of Espresso
  • Tamping & Channeling
  • Extraction
  • Choosing the good puree, powder, and sauce
  • Introduce how to mix ingredients
  • Guided practice with a lot of drink recipe

Upon completion of the 2-day course,
students shall

  • Know how to extract a good espresso
  • Understand how to adjust grind setting
  • Understanding how to choose a right ingredient
  • Understand how to foam silky milk correctly to make perfectly milk beverage
  • Learn how to mix ingredients and make a new drink