GBS Home and Office Solutions

Home/Office Solutions

High-quality coffee is no longer a pleasure we need to step out to enjoy. With our wide selection of automatic espresso machines and practical accessories, your favorite coffee taste is always within reach, either at home or office.

GBS Barista Training

Barista Training

We thoroughly designed courses to cover all the essential skills and knowledge needed to brew good coffee. Learning from coffee variety, roasting, extracting to grind calibration and espresso recipe, you will not see the morning coffee the same way again. Whether you take the class just for a hobby, to be a barista or a café owner, we have a class just right for you.

GBS Coffee Solutions

Coffee Solutions

Choosing the perfect coffee blends to ensure every drop of your espresso to be at its most luscious. You can never make a distinct coffee experience if the coffee beans do not match your taste or the taste of your customers. Whether it is for you or for others, we believe everything begins from picking the right one.

GBS Consultation Service

Consultation Service

Almost every coffee owner shares the same concerns, what the overall performance of the coffee market is, what the potential risks that may occur when running a cafe are, what coffee beans and machines they should select, how they can make good coffee, etc. These concerns are no longer obstructions because we have everything covered.