Barista Training

We take immense pride in the art of coffee brewing and its pristine origin of beginning-to-end processes before being poured into one cup. It is the initial impact that GBS aims to create for people to be able to pursue their coffee brewing passion for a professional level and build a career out of it. We thoroughly designed a comprehensive course outline that will cover all of the important skills and knowledge needed to become a professional barista as well as running his or her very own coffee shop.

A thorough barista training curriculum is designed and delivered directly from GBS to provide the fundamental skills on how to make every cup of coffee your client’s #1 and to maintain the sustainability of your highly-invested artful brewery and mastery. Let’s start from theories on how the coffee is grown, processed, selected, roasted and brewed to hands-on experiences in grinding, distributing, tamping and extracting espresso until your eyes, sense of smell and taste for flaws are fully developed so that perfecting a cup of coffee and retaining customers are not a conundrum.

But every barista does not have to wait until the coffee is gulped to prehend the customers’ loyalty to the coffee shop. Capture every coffee aficionado’s impression since even before a single drop is sipped with Coffee art, which is also expounded in the training. Whether the coffee is given at the shops or special occasions, such as big events or large gatherings, to existing or new customers, confine them with arts and change the way of how coffee looks.

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