(3 DAYS, 9AM – 5PM)


Our Barista course had been designed to introduce our student to the exciting world of being a professional barista. A wonderful journey start here!

It is not simply to make a perfect coffee. That’s why our barista course will start you on this journey by developing your knowledge of how coffee is grown, processed, selected, roasted and brewed. Don’t worry!! Once we have covered the theory, it’s time to get hand’s on and begin learning practical techniques such as grinding, distributing, tamping and extracting espresso. Our barista course will focus on identifying areas to refine and how to perfect your extraction. If you can develop eye, sense of smell and taste for flaws in the extraction, you will know how to perfect your cup. On the other hand, you are able manage costing of coffee business. Our trainer will share with you the important foundation skills and knowledge needed to become a professional barista.

Check out How Cambodians Prefer Their Coffee

  • An overview from bean to cup (Growing, processing, roasting and barista)
  • Specialty coffee
  • Coffee Bean (History, plantation belt, Family tree and Cherry Anatomy)
  • Roasting profile
  • Processing Method
  • Barista Skill
    • Definition of Espresso
    • Brewing Strength
    • Extraction
    • Brewing Ratio
    • Tamping & Channeling
  • Espresso Machine
  • Grinder
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Drink Costing
  • Customer Service
  • Hygiene & maintenance
  • Foreknow specialty coffee
  • Study about history of coffee and it expanded from past to present
  • Get to know Coffee growing regions & botany
  • Differentiate between Arabica vs. Robusta growing and taste
  • Roasting effect and the taste
  • The right espresso extraction
  • History and type of espresso machine
  • Brewing methods and creating espresso formula
  • Understand grinding & tamping
  • Understand water substances which will effect to coffee flavor
  • Choose the right milk
  • Hygiene & maintenance
  • Menu creation
  • Financial management
(2 DAYS, 9AM – 5PM)


For: Working baristas looking to deepen their competency
This course is designed to test the core and more advanced skills and understanding that are to be expected from an experienced barista. We recommended that learners have some previous/current experience as working baristas in the field or completed Barista Basic Course before attempting this level

150 USD – Barista INTERMEDIATE Course

  • Know the right espresso extraction
  • Learn about coffee processing that will effect coffee flavor
  • Understand the espresso taste through brewing ratio
  • Choosing the right milk
  • Basic of Latte art
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Guided Practice

IMPORTANT: students who have not previously completed Barista Basic Course will need to demonstrate knowledge of espresso-making to standards in order to enroll for this Intermediate course.