Barista Training in Phnom Penh

Barista Training in Phnom Penh

Barista Training

When it comes to having a perfect cup of aromatic and fine coffee with artistic appeals, then that has to be the work of a barista. Skills and precision are needed to be a barista, and the only way to attain and perfect those are through barista training courses. On that note, one can’t be born with barista skills as well. However, in Cambodia, proper/standard barista training in Phnom Penh itself is rarely found because people think that making coffee could be taught by anyone. Thus leads to the lack of efficiently and accuracy in making perfect cups of coffee. Which is why Cambodian should invest in barista training?

Barista Training in Phnom Penh

As have mentioned the skills one need to make a profound cup of coffee religiously, are found in the barista training courses. Plus you must be curious on barista training in Phnom Penh and in general as well, the answers to your curiosity/questions are listed below:

  • What you should learn from the barista training courses?
  • Knowledge about Coffee – before taking you to the actual recipes and proper standardized ways of making a perfect cup of coffee, you need to know the basics first. Yes, the knowledge of coffee is the required basic and it’s what you’d be taught in the very beginning.
  • The process/method – now that you fully comprehend the basic, the knowledge of coffee, then you’d move onwards to the actual method and process of making coffee itself. This is the stage where you’d really know how it’s done with precise measurements and temperature.
  • Art skill – at this stage, you need to be super focus and attentive and it’s where your creativity will kick in. Even if you can’t get it magically appealing at first, practice makes perfect, so keep trying.
  • Hygiene & Maintenance – we are still talking about the food industry/realm, therefore hygiene and maintenance are so important. Hence, you’ll be taught proper ways to keep hygienic and maintenance standards up to par as well.
  • Workflow management – even includes this at the last stage, just so one could really start up a coffee shop with not just the expertise in coffee, but also efficient ways to keep workflow and run the business successfully.
  • How to find the best training center in Phnom Penh?

The best barista training in Phnom Penh could be found at:

  • B-HUB Barista Training Center under GBS

There are 5 classes provided:

  1. Beverage Course (8 hours up for $60)
  2. Barista Basic Skill (8 hours up for $105)
  3. Barista Intermediate Skill (16 hours up for $150)
  4. Latte Art (16 hours up for $160)
  5. Barista Diploma Skill (23 hours up for $350)

Classes are divided into 2 sections: one is theory-based and the other is practice-based.

More than Barista: Financial & Shop Management

Focuses highly on precise standard training but teaches you how to financial manage your coffee shop at the same time. Isn’t like other normal barista training in Phnom Penh.

What you will get after finishing the courses at B-HUB?

Barista Training in Phnom Penh

After the completion of any of B-HUB’s barista training programs, one would be able to fully grasp every aspect of coffee (the basics) and financial and shop management. Would be able to make coffee in accordance to international standards. Moreover, would have loads of work opportunities in the coffee industry with the help from B-HUB.

To wrap things up, now do you fully understand the importance of having barista training in Phnom Penh? One shouldn’t take coffee making so lightly and should start investing in barista training programs. Because then and there, is where you will learn the basics and rightfully know how to properly make a cup of standardized coffee.

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The courses and what will you get after finishing the courses at B-HUB:

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