How Millennial’s Preference of Coffee is Changing In Phnom Penh?

How Millennial’s Preference of Coffee is Changing In Phnom Penh?

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Do you have any idea how millennials contribute to the coffee industry? Young and older millennials, all play a role in hefty consumptions of coffee daily. Yes, that’s right, that’s at the very least what millennials globally have in common with one another. So, if you are figuring out ways to enter the cafe industry successfully, one should consider finding out millennials coffee preferences first. But, why millennials mostly. Why do millennials’ coffee preferences change more frequently than other generations? Why are they the main focus here? What do they look for, actually, in their coffee? All these questions would be answered below.

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What Millennias ls Look for in Coffee?

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Alternate Health Options

People, especially millennials now know that at their age, they should be more aware and concerned about their own health. Since the internet now is the source of everything, millennials could easily get access to several health information they need. On top of that, caffeine addiction is a thing, millennials are constantly researching ways to keep their coffee consumption in moderation.

In addition to all that, for those millennials who might be lactose intolerant, and would still love to have daily coffee intake, they might opt for other dairy alternatives such as oat milk, plant or nut-based milk or seed-based milk. Hence, how caffeine affects millennials’ health would impact their coffee preferences.

Environmentally and Social Responsibility

Contributing a little to the environment, to make the world a better place to live is something, which is on most millennials’ minds as well. Even though they’re not always out planting trees and grasses, picking out litters from the streets and water and stuff like that. Instead, the little things which they could contribute to are, for example, purchasing their coffee in a paper cup rather than a plastic one, or coming in with their own refillable coffee mug, or switching plastic straws for reusable metal ones or bamboo straws, and many more subtle small changes that could be done by many and slowly would be a great contribution to the environment.

As for social responsibility, these generations couldn’t care less about being brand loyal, but they are price sensitive, so the cafe shops are expected to be socially responsible without them having to pay those shops more for it. If your profits are increasing yearly, donate some to help the world and do some charitable works, thus in return millennials will value your cafe shop or brand more. Mainly because, you care more about being a decent human then a blood sucking hound.

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Better Quality Offering

Millennials are probably the generation that cares more about the quality of the coffee beans, where it’s from and how it’s roasted, than any other generations. Just like the saying goes, “Quality over Quantity”. They won’t mind paying more for something more exquisite in taste and texture, something more innovative and creative. Thus, the origin and story behind the making of a cafe shop’s specialty coffee is an important factor in the changes of millennials coffee preferences as well.

In the end, we have now answered all those questions, as to why millennials’ coffee preferences are constantly changing. Thanks to all of this information and answers we have provided, one would be able to enter the cafe industry with full knowledge of which generation is the target market and their consumer behaviors.


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