The Three Popular Coffee Machine Brands In Phnom Penh

This article is specially made for anyone out there who wants to buy a good coffee machine either for opening business coffee or for use at home. However, you have no idea which one to buy since there are so many brands of coffee machines in the industry. Typically, you will find it hard to make decisions at first, but we are going to guide you through three popular coffee machine brands. These brands have been recognized and used in many huge local coffee shops in Phnom Penh. Those three popular coffee machine brands are Victoria Arduino, Nuova Simonelli, and Iberital. Read on to find out more how different and unique each brand offer to their customers.

The Three Popular Coffee Machine Brands In Phnom Penh

Victoria Arduino & Nuova Simonelli

Victoria Arduino & Nuova SimonelliThese two brands are originated from Italy. Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli are two of the most popular coffee machine brands in Phnom Penh. They have been featured by many huge local coffee shops such as Starbuck Reserve, McCafé, True Coffee, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Moreover, they have been trusted worldwide. As a result, these two brands are officially a sponsor of world barista championship for nearly ten years. There are so many reasons explaining why these brands have been trusted globally and are imported by Gourmet Beverage Solutions. Unsurprisingly, Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli have four unique features.

First thing first, these two coffee machine brands come up with coffee machine that has a push and pulls system. Small and large machines from Victoria Arduino & Nuova Simonelli are all equipped with a pulling stream milk system. This system has been recognized by experts in the world of coffee because it reduces the risk of messing up the steaming milk and allows them to turn off the steam immediately without accidentally turning left or right.

In addition to this, they are durable and stable which is the most important reason why it has been selected as the sponsor world barista championship. Before they got the sponsorship authority, they have to go through many strict criteria that are imposed by World Coffee Event (WCE), the one organized world barista championship competition. As a result, many huge brand name coffee shops out there trust and choose them to serve coffee for their customer.

The third reason is the High-Efficiency Extraction System (HEES). The HEES system of Victoria Arduino is a very innovative system that has the ability to extract the coffee perfectly compared to other normal systems. With this system, the barista beginner can still brew the coffee professionally. The last unique feature is the modern design. Who said having good looking coffee machine is unnecessary? Victoria Arduino & Nuova Simonelli comes out with a very appealing modern design. They have been co-designed carefully in order to match with the latest development of modern coffee shops.

Nuova SimonelliHowever, unlike Victoria Arduino, Nuova Simonelli is a more affordable brand. It is highly recommended for the small coffee business, and a new start up coffee business since this brand ranges in the middle price while still possessing high quality products.

On the other hand, Victoria Arduino is on the high end side which is more suitable for a huge brand name business coffee shop.


IberitalThe next coffee machine brand is Iberital. It is designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain. For four decades, Iberital has been exported its machines to over 90 countries. Also, it is one of the newest famous coffee machine brands imported by GBS. This brand produces strong and awesome espresso machines. With modern technology and creative design, each of the products is attached with its own uniqueness. Not to mention, Iberital has been recognized and supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program. The European Union and Iberital share the same vision which is sustainability and environment. Their commitment is to design and produce a more eco-friendly, efficient, and healthy coffee machine for everyone out there.

What really special about Iberital is its affordable price yet great features. As mentioned above, all coffee machines from Iberital are strong and durable which is the first fundamental reason to have at least one for your coffee business. In addition, it looks great with its modern appealing design which matches the modern coffee shop interior design to attract customers to visit. With the latest technological revolution, Iberital has brought the professional coffee machine into another level with its touch screen technology. Lately, their new espresso machines are equipped with large steam boiler capacity. The 14L is for the 2 group, a huge 20L is for the 3 group and 6L for 1 group coffee machine. This feature allows maximum production capacity.

If you have a plan on opening a small business coffee, you should consider using a coffee machine from Iberital brand because of its high quality products yet affordable price. Choose Iberital today because this brand will never disappoint you.

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After going through all single details about each brand, we hope that you find it helpful to finally get to buy coffee machine for your coffee business. We highly encourage you to consider choosing your coffee machine from these three brands since they are the top brands among other brands in the coffee industry. They are recognized and trusted locally by huge coffee shops and globally by experts in this field and the World Coffee Event. Therefore, we believe that we bring you the right products that will not leave you any disappointment and untrustworthy to us.

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