Why Young Adults In Phnom Penh Prefer Cafe?

Why Young Adults In Phnom Penh Prefer Cafe?

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Trying to figure out why young adults prefer cafe-shop coffee more? Or why most people in general are more likely to enter certain kinds of coffee shops than others? You’re thinking to yourself, what is my cafe doing wrong? Since, you know that the most consumption of coffee nowadays are by Generation Y. Hence, knowing the answers to these questions would be a bonus to you. Sometimes it’s not just the taste of the coffee that matters. There are many other contributing factors and they would be discussed below.

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How Young People/Gen Y Prefers Their Coffee?

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Strong with less sugar

According to an article by Nation’s Restaurant News, young adults like their coffee strong, complex and the more the caffeine, the better. And if they aren’t going for specialty coffee then they just want something simple, like an espresso with milk. Obviously, if they prefer it strong then less sugar would be in it.


Since adolescents have sophisticated palates, they are more concerned with the taste as well as the coffee experience. Our taste buds are associated with our smell senses too. Research says, 80% of our taste is connected to the smell, thus the aroma of the coffee is a crucial factor. Therefore, aromatic coffee is the way to go, for young adults. On that note, strong blends of coffee do have a powerful aroma to it as well.

Why Cafe Shops?

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Maximize Productivity

Sometimes, working from home is very demotivating. Thus, you become way less productive. Moreover, there might be internet difficulties or electrical problems. Hence, actually visiting a cafe shop, grabbing a coffee and sitting there to get some work done, makes young adults feel more productive and motivated. At the cafe shop, there would be free WiFi connection and circuit plug-in, so completing your work would be done with no interruptions. In addition to that, it’s better to differentiate your working environment from your living space. Working at home isn’t going to give young adults a healthy mindset. Since, when we see our home, it triggers us to relax and not work.


Who wants to wait in line at a coffee stall when there is a cafe shop, where you could enter and queue up feeling nice, cold, and relaxed? That’s right, with an air conditioner on in full operating hours, young adults would rather choose to go grab a coffee somewhere cold and refreshing.

Easy gatherings

Once again, the environment and atmosphere of a cafe shop plays a major role in attaching young adults. Somehow, it is a well-known factor that most young adults like to meet-up at cafes, for either a chit-chat or work. Mainly because, it’s easier to find on the map, it’s convenient to just go in, order a coffee and sit for as long as you want. The furniture is comfortable and there will always be internet and AC on-going. Thus, young adults prefer gatherings at cafes.

To sum up, young adults prefer cafe shop coffee because of the strong or specialty coffee, the aroma, the cold and comfy environment, the productiveness it makes them feel and the convenience of locating one anywhere possible on the map.


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