Coffee Supplier in Cambodia

Coffee Supplier in Cambodia

coffee supplier

What coffee supplies are the most important in the process of making a cup of coffee in Cambodia? There are many different methods that you can choose to make your coffee. The options that you can choose from are endless. There’s the modern ways and there’s the traditional way. Although the traditional way of making coffee is still used till these days, it takes more effort and time compared to the modern ways.

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Coffee Machine

coffee machine

One of the most popular coffee supplies that we use to make coffee today is with an Espresso machine. Most big coffee shops in Cambodia love to use this machine. It’s also very popular in other countries as well. If you’ve been to a coffee shop before then you’ve probably seen this coffee supply. An espresso machine is great for creating a milk-based coffee. The built-in milk-frother allows you to make drinks such as flat white, latte, cappuccino easily. It is also the base of many other coffee drinks as well. Although types of coffee originated from Italy, it’s very popular in Cambodia. Plus, there are many different espresso machines that you can choose from. There are big ones and there are small ones that are perfect to have on the table.

The small one is very convenient and easy to use. It gives you a cup of delicious espresso with just one touch which is super convenient. There are also many other popular coffee-making methods such as the French Press, Vacuum Pot (Siphon Coffee), Chemex Brewer and the Moka Pot. The traditional Khmer coffee maker is quite similar to the Vietnamese one as well. You can see this at almost every small or family-owned coffee shop all across Cambodia. This generally takes more time and they’re more traditional compared to an espresso machine. Although the Khmer traditional coffee maker takes more time, it gives a very rich and strong coffee taste. However, I would say that an espresso machine is more efficient if you’re serving a large number of people. Another device that is getting very popular for coffee-lovers in Cambodia today is a blender. This is not necessarily a coffee supply but you can use a blender to create a delicious coffee frappe easily. It is very popular among young adults and teens these days.

Coffee Ingredients

coffee ingredient

Now let’s talk about the ingredients for coffee supplies. In order to make a good cup of coffee it is obvious that you need to select good coffee beans. There are many types of coffee beans you can choose from. You can either purchase it at the coffee shop or just get one from the supermarket. Each coffee bean has their distinct taste and aroma. Some coffee beans have a very high acidity flavor. If you prefer strong black coffee, perhaps you would enjoy Robusta coffee beans. It has a high caffeine content and it is very rich in flavor. Cambodians consume a lot of Robusta coffee since they love a dark, strong and rich coffee. If you prefer your coffee to be subtle and slightly sweet, you might like Arabica beans. You can mix the two beans at your preferred ratio to create the perfect cup of coffee by yourself. These two coffee beans are the most famous coffee supplies in the world. If you want to spice up your coffee, you can also add milk, sugar, condensed milk or syrup to it as well.

To make a good cup of coffee, you need to select your coffee supplies carefully. Each element that you choose is going to contribute to the flavor that you will taste. From the machines or tools that you make with the ingredients that you use, it all matters. The coffee supplies that you use doesn’t have to be expensive to produce a good cup of coffee. What matters is that you choose the coffee supplies that work for you and your taste buds.

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