Arabica 100%

Aromatic notes

Flower, Almonds, Milk Chocolate

Aromatic Area


Coffee Origins

Selection from Central and South America





Tierra Selection

A perfect balance between aroma and flavor.

A premium blend of high grade natural and washed Arabica from Central and South America. A perfect balance between notes of jasmine flowers, almonds and milk chocolate, a medium body and a delicate taste. Thanks to a long and “gentle” drum roasting system ideal for espresso, coffee aromas are enhanced and preserved.

The skillful selection and combination of the best sources creates a unique blend which fuses sweet notes with delicate aromas of fresh flowers and fruits accompanied by hints of chocolate. This creates a perfect balance between aromas and flavor. Roasting is skillfully fine-tuned to enhance the aromatic characteristics of the blend, and checks are carried out to guarantee the same outstanding quality 365 days a year.

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