Product Description

Natural Lemon – Sour

ODK natural lemon juice is one of a kind, with it being the only natural lemon juice for bartenders that uses entirely Sicilian lemons. The lemons from the island of Sicily are famous across the globe for their sweetness, thought to be as a result of the unique volcanic soil and Mediterranean weather. Bottled in the orchard, our natural lemon juice is as fresh as it comes. In fact we are so proud of it we challenge you to find a better tasting, all-natural lemon juice! Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK.


  • 100% Gluten free
  • PET Bottle means zero breakage
  • Zero food waste
  • Long shelf life (a full month once opened at ambient temperature)
  • Speeds up your service, so it’s very practical and saves labor.
  • Yield approximately 35-50 drinks per bottle (depends on the drinks you’re making)


750 ml bottles

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