Coconut Fruity Mix

Product Description

Coconut Fruity Mix

Our coconuts are grown in their native soil on the rolling plains of the Sri Lankan countryside; coconuts contain various health benefits and are used around the world in many different forms! ODK coconut cocktail purée retains much of this goodness as well as its strong and natural flavor whilst providing an unbeatable shelf life. Enjoy drinks the right way, enjoy ODK.


  • Patented bottle design
  • Almost zero waste
  • Long shelf life (3 months once opened in ambient temperature)
  • Already in a squeeze bottle so no need to decant into another squeeze bottle
  • Color coded (like store and pours) with flavor labelled on the shoulder of the bottle so it’s quick to find on your bar.
  • Speeds up your service, so it’s very practical.
  • Yield approximately 35-50 drinks per bottle (depends on the drinks you’re making)
  • Special valve ensuring minimum amount of air is entering the bottle prolonging the life of the product.


750 ml bottles

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