Steam Boiler

1.5 Liters

Coffee Boiler

0.14 Liter


My Victoria Arduino App


Rear and Working Area

Auto Purge


Cool Touch Steam Wands


Insulated Boiler


Water Economizer


Water Source

Tank and Direct Connection

Available Colour

Black, White, Shiny Chrome



Net / Gross Weight



Victoria Arduino

Eagle One Prima

Welcome Eagle One Prima, a professional espresso machine that is perfect for enjoying and providing the best coffee experience. This one-group machine is compact and easy to use, yet it produces espresso and steamed milk with the same quality as a commercial machine. With the Eagle One PRIMA, you can make delicious coffee drinks whenever and wherever you want.

We called our new espresso coffee machine PRIMA because we believe it is the first of its kind and will revolutionize the way espresso coffee is prepared and enjoyed. PRIMA is dedicated to baristas, roasters, professionals, and coffee lovers alike. It is a new way to think about espresso coffee, offering a unique and personalized coffee experience for everyone.

“The type of coffee consumed is changing – explains Marco Feliziani, Vice President and Sales Director of Simonelli Group, owner of the Victoria Arduino brand. “Specialty products are more requested, prepared with high quality “gourmet” prime materials produced ethically and sustainably. Quality coffee is becoming a real lifestyle where people search for an exclusive coffee experience even outside the coffee shop, like food trucks, boutiques, offices, homes, and many other settings. PRIMA can interpret the current trends and envision the future more than any other Victoria Arduino machine on the market.”

Versatile and eclectic

Eagle One Prima is a versatile and eclectic coffee machine that opens up new possibilities for how we experience coffee.

Before Prima, never has a VICTORIA ARDUINO been so flexible and adaptable – it fits just right into small workspaces. It is ideal for start-ups and renowned businesses, professional and home use, and exclusive boutiques that often change looks, pop, and classy atmospheres, even where coffee is not the center of activity.

PRIMA can transform while remaining the same and matches flawlessly with the concept of eclecticism. It can change based on the environment and spaces it sits in, but it can also change seasonally by modifying its looks and adding fresh new colors and textures that interpret the current trends. With many images for a unique idea of accessible glamour like a tailored dress or fashion accessory, PRIMA is available in many colors and exclusive editions.

Design and sustainable technology

Like in the Eagle One machine, Prima by Victoria Arduino pinpointed a goal: designing a product where workflow comfort meets esthetical and functional qualities while continuing technological research and igniting innovative energy. The result is a perfect combination of aesthetics and simplicity. Furthermore, it offers a sustainable design that fully considers the machine’s environmental impact in terms of economic and energy savings.

Prima incorporates NEO technology (New Engine Optimization) that represents a totally new approach the heating water for coffee extraction, using less energy. The design, the applied technologies, and the insulation system drastically reduce environmental impact, making PRIMA an authentic, sustainable machine.

“NEO technology – reminds Lauro Fioretti, Product Manager of Simonelli Group – uses an instant heating system that requires less volume and smaller boilers because only the needed water is heated. Thanks to this technology, PRIMA can quickly heat the water and guarantee high performance while increasing energy efficiency. The boiler size is significantly reduced and covered with innovative insulating material, so any possible energy dispersions are avoided. This way, PRIMA is ready to run in only 8 minutes.”

Everything has been designed to be more compact, more performant, and more sustainable

“The stainless-steel boilers maintain higher pressure levels that allow a greater dry and saturated steam production with an elevated power/speed ratio to reach a superior quality in the cup – continues Fioretti. “The steam regulated by the system Steam-by-Wire is different from other machines of the same category as it is electronically controlled through its new and improved ergonomic levers.”

Simpler and even more digital

Everything becomes simpler, just like using an app and being fully connected. Those who buy a PRIMA will immediately have an app that optimizes performance and use. It is possible to set the temperature and see the extraction time and program the steam and hot water—all directly from the app. The user can also verify the machines’ performance, turn it on and off, and set the energy-saving mode. All the functions of a professional device at hand, are controlled by a user-friendly and straightforward app.

Moreover, the app can also create recipes, share them, or set those recipes proposed by the users’ dedicated roastery or barista. It can also become a recipe-sharing device by going to the section ‘Cloud recipe’ of the Victoria Arduino app.


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