White Eagle Digit – 2GR

Heating Element

4500 W


14 Liters

Boiler Materials




High Efficiency Extraction System


Tall Group, Digital TFT

Yes, Yes

Shot Time


Automatic Cleaning Program


Available Colour

White, Black

Demensions (WxDxH, mm)

825 x 660 x 510


Victoria Arduino

White Eagle Digit – 2GR

The VA358 White Eagle Digit – 2GR is an espresso machine that is designed for specialty coffee shops. It is consistent, reliable, and efficient. Designed to enhance the relationship between the customer and the barista, the VA358 puts quality first. With two available variations, this machine has something to offer every coffee shop.

Suitable for: High-quality coffee shops, high volume locations, demanding professionals, barista competitors, and specialty coffee shops.


(Art, luxury, and craftsmanship) The White Eagle Digit – 2GR espresso machine is a work of art, with every detail carefully planned and expertly built. The chrome group heads are a statement of individuality, and the ridged shape of the side panels shines with chrome that runs along the bottom.

As with anything created by Victoria Arduino, the White Eagle was designed to please the eye and to win over customers, no matter how discriminating they might be.

With its balance of modern and classic styles, the White Eagle is timeless. Its elegance goes beyond fleeting fashion yet rides the wave of emerging trends and is an icon unto itself, conveying the values and tradition of Italian espresso itself.


This machine was built to incorporate some of the newest technology in the industry.

Volumetric Dosing

Up to 4 doses can be programmed per head.

Shot Timer

With a built-in shot timer function, each brewing head can be timed independently without the need for an external timer.

Automatic Cleaning

The White Eagle espresso machine allows each group to be cleaned independently so that cleaning and taking orders can be done simultaneously. This means that you no longer have to wait until the end of the day to clean the machine, which could potentially affect the quality of your coffee.

Energy Saving

The White Eagle can be programmed to turn on and off at any time you desire. Saving energy and time.

Reverse mirror

With the reverse mirror, the barista can now watch the coffee filter output without bending down. A little foresight will be appreciated by all of those who use it.

Cool Touch

The Cool Touch steam lever is thermally insulated to be safe for the barista and easy to clean.


We believe a barista’s work becomes something astounding when they have the ability to direct their talent to cup and customer. The controls on the White Eagle fuse aesthetics with functionality; its unique petal-like push-button panel is positioned to make every gesture made by the operator both simple and intuitive, just as the innovative Steam Power Control system that enables the barista to open and close the steam wand with a simple flip of the lever.


SIS (Soft Infusion System), SIS is a system that guarantees soft and creamy espresso extractions every time. It does this by monitoring the pressure in the system and gradually increasing the pressure as the extraction process continues. This process is important because it helps to extract the right amount of flavor from the coffee grounds, resulting in a more flavorful and enjoyable cup of espresso.


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