Consultation Service

Coffee Consultation Service in Cambodia

Almost every coffee owner shares the same concerns, what the overall performance of the coffee market is, what the potential risks that may occur when running a cafe are, what coffee beans and machines they should select, how they can make good coffee, etc. These concerns are no longer obstructions because we have everything covered.

No matter what kind and size of coffee service ought to endure, whether it is opening a cafe or just providing a coffee service at a hotel or resort, we can assist in building everything from scratch. We proffer the overall coffee market, help identify the plausible risks, choose the right coffee beans and equipment, offer maintenance and warranty services, create a menu, provide barista training, and even devise marketing strategies.

We also add more values to clients and customers with extensive professional maintenance service. Our team of technicians are always on the repaire lookout 7-days a week to prevent the clients from missing even 1-DAY of their business with machinery problems and malfunctions. To assure just that, our team has a temporary replacement coffee machine to maintain your coffee making process operational for your coffee lovers.

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