V60 Glass Dripper Olive Wood

Article No.


Available Color

Olive Wood

Size (WxDxH) mm



1-4 cups




Glass dripper / Heatproof glass
Holder / Olive wood, Silicone rubber

Country of Origin

Glass dripper, Silicone rubber holder / JAPAN
Wood holder / CHINA



V60 Glass Dripper Olive Wood

The world-renowned V60 dripper

The Hario V60 Glass Dripper Olive Wood is a high-quality, pour-over coffee dripper made of glass and olive wood. The dripper has a cone-shaped design that allows for even extraction of flavor, and the olive wood handle makes it easy to grip and pour.

  • The V-shaped conical paper filter enables deeper layering of the coffee grounds.
  • The clear heat-resistant glass allows you to watch the coffee being brewed, providing a visual experience.
  • Stylish and functional: The dripper is made of high-quality glass and has a sleek, minimalist design. It’s also easy to clean and store.
  • Unique olive wood collar: The olive wood collar adds a touch of elegance to the dripper and helps to keep it cool while brewing.
  • Easy to use: The dripper is easy to use and produces consistent results.
  • Perfect for coffee lovers of all levels: The dripper is perfect for coffee lovers of all levels, from beginners to experts.
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