Smart Beam Heater – Touch

The Hario Smart Beam Heater – Touch is a revolutionary new way to brew siphon coffee. With its sleek design and intuitive touch controls, it’s the perfect way to get consistent, delicious results every time. The heater features a built-in timer and temperature control, so you can brew your coffee to perfection. The Smart Beam Heater – Touch also has a keep-warm function, so your coffee stays hot for up to 60 minutes.

  • Halogen heater: A soft and beautiful light boils water.
  • Touch panel screen: All the variables with just one finger.
  • Modes (Basic / Memory / Professional ): Customize your Brewing in 3 different modes.
  • New Smart Beam Heater with touchscreen control and programmable recipes
  • A great alternative to butane and alcohol burners
  • Precisely control your siphon brews
  • 350 W halogen lamp (includes 2 in box)
  • Rated to 450 W
  • 10-120 V


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