Rex Royal


11 KW



Coffee Productivity

Up to 200 cups/hour

Display Screen

Touch Screen 7.4"


1 Grinder

Bean Hopper


Hot Water


Compact Foam


Automatic Steam Wand


Ambient Lighithg


Automatic Cleaning


Dimension W×DxH


S2 (​ MCT+L7 )

The Rex Royal S2 (​ MCT+L7 ) has a milk system that can make fine-pored foam from fresh milk at the touch of a button. This means that it can make any milk specialty, such as a cappuccino or latte macchiato, in perfect quality, even as a double product. It also has a tea/steam boiler system that can produce up to 28 liters of hot water per hour. This means that you can make tea and coffee or other mixed drinks at the same time.

The S2 (​ MCT+L7 ) utilizes its highly efficient Rex-Royal milk system to effortlessly transform fresh milk into a smooth and frothy texture with just a simple button press. This allows for the creation of various milk-based beverages, including cappuccinos and latte macchiatos, with exceptional quality, even when preparing multiple servings simultaneously.

The Rex-Royal tea/steam boiler can produce up to 28 liters of hot water per hour, which is enough to make tea and coffee simultaneously. This means that you can enjoy a fresh cup of tea or coffee without having to wait for the other to finish brewing.

The Rex-Royal S2 (MCT+L7) can be customized to meet the needs of any user with a variety of optional features, such as compressor fridges, cup warmers, and cup dispensers. The machine also has an automatic cleaning process that is certified by HACCP, which is a food safety management system. This means that the machine will be clean and hygienic with little time or effort required from the user.

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