Rex Royal


12 KW



Coffee Productivity

Up to 200 cups/hour

Display Screen

Touch Screen 7.4"


2 Grinder

Bean Hopper


Hot Water


Compact Foam


Automatic Steam Wand


Ambient Lighithg


Automatic Cleaning


Dimension W×DxH


S2 ( MCT-CF+L7 )

The Rex-Royal S2 ( MCT-CF+L7 ) milk system allows you to produce steamed milk in the desired consistency, as well as cold or warm milk foam. The patented Rex-Royal metal brewing unit holds up to 23 grams of coffee grounds and provides consistent, high-quality coffee.

The S500 series can make a variety of coffee and mixed drinks, including espresso, latte, cappuccino, and more. All drinks can be made as double products, and the CF variant can also process two types of milk. The S500 series is the perfect bean-to-cup coffee machine for high-volume HoReCa and offices.

  • The machine can make hot water and coffee simultaneously, even as double servings.
  • Hot water capacity at a rate of up to 58 liters per hour
  • Intuitive menu navigation thanks to the 10-inch touch screen for the simple and efficient selection of a drink from a range of up to 24 products
  • Place advertising messages and ambient images on the display
  • The automatic, HACCP-certified cleaning process guarantees the machine will run in a perfectly hygienic way with minimal time expenditure
  • Modular construction for short intervention and maintenance times for a long-term and secure investment
  • With the Rex-Royal CompactFoam System, you will be able to realize very compact and creamy warm or cold milk foam
  • A variety of cooling units with a fresh milk capacity of 4, 7, 9, or 10 liters. The 10-litre compressor fridge can also be used under the sideboard.
  • Equipped with two precise, quiet, and powerful grinders as standard
  • Can be optionally equipped with a third grinder
  • Due to the automatic outlet, the front of the machine is always clean. This is because the outlet positions itself always at the right height of the cup or the tea-glass
  • With options like cup warmers, cup dispensers, and mobile solutions, the Rex-Royal coffee machines are perfectly suited to meet your requirements
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