Rex Royal



Coffee Productivity

Up to 200 cups/hour

Display Screen

Touch Screen 7.4"


0 Grinder

Bean Hopper


Hot Water


Compact Foam


Automatic Steam Wand


Ambient Lighithg


Automatic Cleaning


Dimension W×DxH


S2 ( CST )

With the Rex-Royal S2 (CST), you can elevate the process of brewing coffee and preparing hot water with a touch of barista flair. You have the option to manually froth the fresh milk using the steam wand, or you can rely on the optional PowerSteam frother, which takes charge of this task and oversees temperature control. This allows you to effortlessly create the ideal cappuccino or heat milk for other specialty beverages, resembling the skills of a professional barista, all at the push of a button.

The Rex-Royal tea/steam boiler can produce up to 28 liters of hot water per hour, so you can make tea and coffee at the same time, even two servings at once.

With the Rex-Royal S2 CST, you can experience the classic form of milk preparation in the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology.

  • The Rex-Royal metal brewing unit is high-quality and powerful, and it can hold up to 16 grams of ground coffee per brewing operation.
  • Possible to simultaneously supply hot water, steam, and 2 coffees
  • Hot water supply at a rate of up to 28 liters per hour
  • Intuitive menu navigation thanks to the 7-inch touch screen for the simple and efficient selection of a drink
  • Simple to run and maintain thanks to visual user prompts and automatic cleaning
  • Place advertising messages and ambient images on the display
  • Modular construction for short intervention and maintenance times for a long-term and secure investment
  • Barista steam wand to froth up fresh milk
  • Optional PowerSteam frother to automatically froth up the fresh milk and monitor the temperature
  • With options like cup warmers, cup dispensers, and mobile solutions, the Rex-Royal coffee machines are perfectly suited to meet your requirements
  • The automatic, HACCP-certified cleaning process guarantees the machine will run in a perfectly hygienic way with minimal time expenditure
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