Power Consumption


Working Capacity

Max. 1.5kg/Batch

Roasting Time


Gas Pressure


Gas Consumption



Matt Black

Demensions: WxDxH


Proaster 1.5kg

Semi-Direct Heating/Semi-Hot Blast

The THCR-01 achieves a rich flavor with a roasting system using radiant heat and hot blast. Compared to direct drum roasters, the THCR-01 roaster provides uniform heat distribution in conjunction with hot blast technology, producing great results even for beginners. It ensures a perfectly uniform roasting result even during dark roasting.

PROASTER coffee roasters combine traditional conduction roasting using a drum structure, with an adiabatic casing to increase heat efficiency.  The result is exceptional uniformity-a hallmark of convection roasting.  PROASTER roasters are versatile, accommodating any roasting style, speed, or texture.

Maximization of Heat Efficiency

PROASTER roasters feature a proprietary nozzle system, developed after years of research, which allows for dual roasting.  This unique approach allows for control over the heat output of the roaster for both light and dark roasting.  This system produces a substantial increase in heating efficiency when compared to other roasters.  In turn, the increased heating efficiency means that PROASTER machines reach the starting optimal temperature faster than competing machines.  The reduced warm up time coupled with the increased heating potential allows for faster roasting times (15 minutes) if required by the customer.

Safety System Integration

PROASTER roasters contain an integrated safety system that prevents the machine from reaching dangerous temperatures.  When the safety system is triggered by high temperatures, the gas valve automatically closes and the exhaust stops operating until the roaster returns to safe operational temperatures.  Additionally, if the exhaust blower stops, the THCR-01 is designed to shut off gas flow which slows and stops the heat in the roaster from increasing.

Dedicated Cooling Motor for Quick Cooling

PROASTER roasters are equipped with a dedicated blower motor that allows for quick cooling of roasted beans (within 3 minutes).  The quick cooling system ensures that the coffee beans are not over-roasted due to a prolonged cooling process.  Fast cooling also allows the beans to be moved quickly for packaging or further processing.

Innovative Afterburner Smoke Removal System (Optional)

PROASTER roasters can be equipped with afterburners that remove smoke and dust (contact the appropriate government entity in your area to determine local regulations).  The afterburners attach directly to the roaster and are environmentally friendly.  They remove dust and smoke particles created during the roasting process by superheating the air (incinerating the dust and smoke) and venting the cleaned air outside.   The afterburners can be a great fit for roasters placed within cafes and stores.

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