Victoria Arduino







Grinding Capacity

2.7g – 3,5g/sec

Bean Hopper



Touch Screen

Burr Regulator


Net Weight



195 x 390 x 475

Mythos MY75

The Victoria Arduino Mythos MY75 is a commercial coffee grinder that is known for its precision, consistency, and reliability. It features a powerful 650W motor, 75mm flat titanium burrs, micrometric grind adjustment, and temperature control. This gives baristas complete control over the grind, which is essential for making high-quality espresso and other coffee drinks.

  • Flat 75mm titanium grinding stones: These stones produce a consistent and even grind that is essential for making great espresso.
  • DDD (Dynamic Distance Detection) sensor: This sensor automatically adjusts the distance between the grinding stones to ensure a consistent grind, even as the stones wear down.
  • Grinding speed of approx. 3 g/sec: This fast grinding speed allows the Mythos to keep up with even the busiest cafes.
  • Digital touchscreen display: The touchscreen display makes it easy to program and adjust the grinder’s settings.
  • Up to 3 grinding programs: The Mythos can store up to 3 grinding programs, so you can quickly and easily switch between different grinds for different brewing methods.
  • Micrometric coarseness adjustment: The micrometric coarseness adjustment allows you to make very precise adjustments to the grind size.
  • Unique Clima Pro function: The Clima Pro function allows you to control the temperature of the grinding chamber, which can help to improve the consistency and flavor of your espresso.
  • Double cooling of the grinder: Mythos MY75 has a double cooling system that helps to keep the grinding chamber cool, which helps to preserve the flavor of the coffee.
  • Instant access to the grinding chamber: The grinding chamber is easy to access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Vertical stone placement with minimal retention: The vertical stone placement helps to minimize retention, which means that you get more coffee out of each grind.


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