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Mignon Libra

The Eureka Mignon Libra is a weight-based espresso grinder that delivers consistent results with every grind. It features 55mm flat burrs, stepless micrometric adjustment, and a built-in scale that allows you to grind by weight to within 0.2 grams. The LIBRA is also compact and quiet, making it a great choice for home use.

Key features of the Eureka Mignon Libra:

  • Grind-by-weight technology: The LIBRA allows you to grind by weight, instead of time, which results in more consistent grinds and less waste.
  • 55mm flat burrs: Flat burrs are generally preferred for espresso grinding, as they produce a more uniform grind. The LIBRA’s 55mm flat burrs are made of high-quality steel and will produce a consistent grind for years to come.
  • Stepless micrometric adjustment: The LIBRA’s stepless micrometric adjustment allows you to make precise adjustments to your grind size, so you can find the perfect setting for your espresso machine and beans.
  • Built-in scale: The LIBRA’s built-in scale allows you to grind by weight to within 0.2 grams. This ensures that you are always using the same amount of coffee for each shot, which results in more consistent results.
  • Compact and quiet: The LIBRA is a relatively compact grinder, making it a good choice for home use. It is also relatively quiet, so you can grind your coffee in the morning without waking up the whole house.
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