Product Description

Hopper Cleaner

Puly Caff Verde Coffee Grinder Hopper Spray
Puly Caff professional coffee machine cleaner powder is imported directly from Italy for use with all coffee bean hoppers. Regular cleaning of your equipment is essential to the quality of your coffee and the hygiene of your coffee grinder.

This product is 100% organic and is made entirely from sustainable ingredients. This effective organic multi-purpose spray cleans grinder hoppers, stainless steel and chrome surfaces quickly and easily. It leaves no residue and no rinsing is required.

This cleaner is designed to remove the build up of oils and residue from your coffee beans, preventing staining and keeping your equipment sparkling clean. This brand is the industry leader and shouldn’t be confused with inferior non-branded products. Our prices are regularly the lowest available in the UK, so you can buy with confidence.

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