Article No.

FIC-70-PGR/ FIC-70-B

Available Color

Pale Gray/ Black

Size (WxDxH) mm

87× 84×300


5 cups / Finished Capacity 650mL




Glass bottle / Heatproof glass
Filter / Polyester resin
Strainer / Polypropylene
Removable bottle spout, Stopper / Silicone rubber

Country of Origin




Filter-in Coffee Bottle

Brews iced coffee with only ground coffee and water

The Coffee Syphon “Filter-in Coffee Bottle” is a unique coffee maker that combines the traditional brewing method of a coffee syphon with the convenience of a travel coffee mug. Simply add ground coffee to the filter basket, add water, and screw on the lid. The heat from the water will brew the coffee, and then you can enjoy your delicious cup of coffee anywhere you go.

The Coffee Syphon “Filter-in Coffee Bottle” is made of durable BPA-free plastic, and it is dishwasher safe. It is also leak-proof, so you can take it with you on your commute or to the gym without worrying about spills.

Put ground coffee in the strainer, set it on the spout and slowly pour in water to brew. Leave in your refrigerator for about eight hours to brew.

  • Built-in filter: The bottle has a built-in filter that catches the coffee grounds, so you don’t have to worry about messy cleanups.
  • Easy to use: Simply add coffee grounds and water to the bottle, and then let it sit in the refrigerator for 8-24 hours.
  • No heat required: The bottle uses cold water to brew the coffee, so there’s no need to heat up the water or use a stovetop.
  • Glass construction: The bottle is made of heat-resistant glass, so it’s durable and easy to clean.
  • 650 ml capacity: The bottle has a capacity of 650 ml, so you can make enough coffee for several people.


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