Prepare and drink from a single device with the Pipamoka all-in-one nomad coffee maker. Simple, robust and brilliant pressure brewing, it becomes super easy and fast to fuel your days and enjoy hours of freshly brewed coffee during your travels, work hours or adventures. Designed and developed by Wacaco, Pipamoka includes all the tools you need to prepare and enjoy perfectly balanced coffee. A new experience distilled right into your cup, anytime, anywhere.

Able to extract a cup of coffee in a short time, Pipamoka’s brewing techniques set it apart from other devices. Its patented construction, along with its innovative twisting mechanism, generates vacuum pressure within the cup. This negative pressure generates a suction force that draws the hot water down through the coffee grounds. The coffee is prepared directly in the insulated thermal mug where it will remain hot for hours. Pipamoka’s new coffee brewing method makes a clean, flavored cup of coffee in about two minutes.

Pipamoka uses a permanent microfilter mesh (you don’t need paper filters, so you’ll save a few dollars and limit your waste) to allow the precious natural oils to pass into the cup, helping to achieve richer flavors. The brew ratio is similar to standard drip or infusion methods, about 1:15 (1 g of ground coffee per 15 ml of water). We recommend using a medium to medium coarse grind for optimal brewing performance.

REMARK: Pipamoka does not heat the water.

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