Article No.


Available Color

Transparent Black

Size (WxDxH) mm

172 × 93 × 231


Coffee grounds 100g


Handle, Fixing screw, Stopper, Grind adjustment nut / Stainless steel
Hopper lid, Non-slip cover /Silicone rubber
Lid, Glip, Main body (Hopper) / Polypropylene
Glass bowl / Heatproof glass

Country of Origin




Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton

Ceramic coffee mill skerton +

The Skerton Plus is a favorite amongst coffee newcomers and professionals alike.  Its compact size makes it perfect for travel or home use.  This grinder has the ability to make a full range of grind sizes, and can hold up to 100g of coffee. An update to the original Skerton, the Skerton Plus is equipped with a burr stabilizing plate that helps keep the center shaft in place for a more uniform grind.

All of our manual coffee grinders use burrs made of ceramic – conical ceramic burrs transfer less heat and shave coffee beans versus cracking them like blade grinders.  This process also provides a more consistent grind that can easily be adjusted and set for repeat use.

  • The Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton can grind up to 100 grams of coffee beans at a time.
  • The grinder is made of high-quality materials, including ceramic burrs and a glass jar.
  • The Skerton is easy to clean, simply disassemble and rinse the parts with warm water.
  • Enjoy fresh, flavorful coffee at home
  • Control the grind size for your perfect cup of coffee
  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Perfect for travel or taking to work
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