Black Eagle T3 – 2GR



Steam Boiler

11.4 Liters

Steam Boiler Materials

Thermal Insulated Stainless Copper

Coffee Boiler

0.7 Liter

Coffee Boiler Material

Thermal Insulated Stainless Copper

Group Temperature Adjustment


Teflon Filter Holder


Automatic Cleaning Program


Available Colour

Pearl White, Matt Black, Steelux

Demensions (WxDxH, mm)

825 x 695 x 490


Victoria Arduino

Black Eagle T3 – 2GR

The VA388 Black Eagle T3 – 2GR is the espresso machine for all of those who dedicate their lives to coffee; who study, research, and experiment every day to bring a meaningful coffee experience to the cup.

Suitable for: Specialty coffee shops, High-quality coffee shops, high volume locations, demanding professionals, barista competitors

Gravimetric technology

Is a method of measuring the weight of liquid extracted from coffee grounds. It is more precise than traditional volumetric methods, which measure the amount of liquid dispensed into the cup. This is because gravimetric technology is not affected by factors such as the shape of the filter, the tamping force on the coffee, or the condition of the showerheads.

Total control of brewing time and liquid weight in the cup

A display above the group head allows baristas to track brewing time and cup weight, giving them precise control over the coffee brewing process. This, combined with Gravitech technology, provides baristas with the highest level of consistency and precision.

Technology that ensures maximum temperature stability

The Black Eagle T3 – 2GR espresso machine uses T3 technology, which allows the barista to set three different temperatures for the brewing group, the water infusion, and the steam. This gives the barista precise control over the water temperature, which results in a more consistent and flavorful espresso.

All the espresso machine’s information is displayed on a LED screen

The VA388 espresso machine provides real-time data to the barista through its TFT display, allowing them to make the best espresso possible. The display shows the temperatures of the steam boilers, the coffee, and the group, as well as the delivery time and the amount of liquid in the cup. This information helps the barista to adjust the brewing parameters to achieve the desired results.


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