Aroma Elegance Deluxe



Aroma Elegance Deluxe

AromaElegance DeLuxe
A new class in taste experience

The Melitta AromaElegance DeLuxe, with its innovative features and ease of use, gives you the highest standards in filter coffee enjoyment. Thanks to the practical timer feature you can wake up to the smell of fresh coffee. Aroma Premium Technology gives you excellent filter coffee.

  • 10/15 cups, Melitta coffee filters size 1×4
  • 1850 watts, Auto off feature
  • Aroma Premium Technology
  • Aroma Control, for full flavour even with small amounts of coffee
  • Display with timer feature
  • Programmable hot plate
  • Programmable water hardness level
  • Limescale displays
  • Descaling programme
  • Detachable and stand alone swing
  • Detachable water tank
  • VDE-tested for safety
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